about this website coronastatus.ch

Image credit: Photo by David Rangel

This website is based on the Data Repository by Johns Hopkins CSSE. Please note that not all data may be up to date. Please consider that all data is based on information given by authorities of each country and that those data may have different actualisation intervals.

The website coronastatus.ch is made out of a personal interest in order to present the information in an easy and understandable form mainly consisting of charts for each of the countries that are affected by corona/covid-19. There is no guarantee that all the charts are correct and I take no responsability for any conclusions made out of any information from this website.

My professional background is not related with a medical background. I work as an engineer in the HVAC area, mainly related to heating systems in Switzerland. Therefore I already had some knowledge in (automatic) processing of data and transforming them in charts for further analysis. With the outbreak of the corona pandemia and searching for information of covid-19 incidents in Switzerland and other countries the idea emerged to make a website that presents all data in an easy accesible manner.

Technology used for this website

the following technologies were used to process the data, create the plots and this website:

  • php: open source general-purpose scripting language that is used to get the data, process it and invoke the chart-generation
  • gnuplot: command-line driven graphing utility is generating the plots out of a data file
  • hugo: static website creator with the academic theme
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